The Weapons Situation

Syria needs maintenance and parts for its Russian tanks and planes.

So does Iran with its American jet fighters.

Russia has fielded its big bombers

but they do not have the huge bomb load

of the American B-52’s to make carpet bombing more effective

against the thieving oil trucks from Turkey.

Would that the Russian planes were armed

with incendiary bullets for their

20-mm. and 23-mm cannons

to strafe the columns of oil trucks

with these bullets that rend and burn.

The Syrian Army must refurbish its T-34’s

if they sill have them.

Mortars and rpg’s are absent.

So does assault en masse by armor and infantry.

If the Americans can pay for mercenaries

so can Syria from the restored income from oil.

The Aircraft Carrier USS Nimitz



The Nuclear-powered Aircraft Carrier Nimitz

On Board the Nimitz.mpg

Pilots and Planes.mpg