Converting Carbon Dioxide

And so the scientists, or at least some of them,

have heard about my dare to convert carbon dioxide

to something useful

instead of badgering the world to stop

 burning oil.

But the method that they propose is far different

from what I elaborated.

What they propose is to convert carbon dioxide

into plastics, or polyurethanes.

Doing so would initiate another different world catastrophe.

I did explain that carbon dioxide would be converted

into wood or food.


By photosynthesis.

Chlorophyll plus sunlight equals fruit

or branch.

All the scientists have to do is duplicate photosynthesis

and use this process for

producing nutrients and energy,

instead of cultivating “weed”. 

Reversibly, plants also exhale oxygen

and the scientiists, botanists,

even biology teachers know this,


The Nature of Things


The Nature of things


I would call it poetic justice, but I would not make a poem just to justify it.

Winter has come upon those who have not experienced such frozen conditions

to tell them that this cold is the result of global warming.

Just think of it this way.

We do not see people going out in droves to protest the punishing cold that they have been having these past few months. Yet they can assemble at the drop of a hat to protest the global warming that the ‘dirty oil” can do to the world. People protest when the weather is warm, and not when it is cold.

Naturally, such is the nature of people. Such is the nature of things.

 Global warming may come because of the sun burning brighter, or the earth’s molten crust coming to the fore. A slight tip of the earth’s axis of rotation may make it hotter for some regions of the world. And probably the earth is now rotating closer to the sun. But why blame the carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels? But of course, because it is the only thing  available to blame—it’s the nature of things. Nothing else could be blamed for global warming, if there really is global warming.

 Come to think of it, Carbon Dioxide really is not bad.  While the carbon dioxide coming from fossil fuels blanketing the earth and reflecting back the heat to produce global warming, it also bounces back to earth what could have escaped as moisture. If the earth loses its moisture, it would naturally dry up and would consequently suffer a fate similar to Mars. It would be preferable to have the earth to be mostly under water than the earth with no water on it at all. It’s the nature of things.

 Global warming, if ever there is global warming now, has been produced as a result of factories using coal-fired power generators and vehicles manufactured from that country which protesters reside now. In other words, why blame Alberta’s “dirty” oil for the global warming when Texas oil has already created much of the carbon Dioxide anomaly?  This is natural, by the nature of people, to blame somebody or something else. Or is it because Texas oil is running out!

 The biggest question of all in this nature of things is why haven’t the scientists of the world devise a method to convert carbon dioxide to wood that can be used as fuel. After all, it is in the nature of trees to convert carbon dioxide into trunks and branches using simple post-photosynthesis. Is it not in the nature of people to imitate what is good from the nature of things?