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Way down south of the Pacific, pin-pointing he Philippines, their own Congress is now under fire regarding the anomalous disposition of the pork barrel funds. This more than put a crimp on President Aquino’s hitherto clean administration. A whole lot of lawmakers will be charged if found guilty of misappropriating pork barrel allocations.

If I had the chance of saying what I think about this situation, I would have said that the one who keeps the money and doles it out would have the best chance to mastermind this shenanigan.

The pork barrel system was supposed to have been debunked a very long time ago. It appears though that the pork barrel money is what keeps the lawmakers elected to their positions.

The Philippine city of Zamboanga is now under siege by the restless muslim Moro National Liberation Front which is up in arms because of the failure of the government to keep its part of an agreement.

Some cases involving a massacre of people and reporters going to vote are also being delayed by the Courts.

Endemically Democratic


A democratic government is one run for the people by the people and by these people who run the government, will go down, usually by graft and corruption, or more specifically by skimming from the coffers. This bad practice which is made legal by Congress is inherent in a democratic government. The temptation to steal from the coffers of the treasury is great, particularly when this is with the blessing of those who make the laws.

When the party that controls legislature is different from the party that runs the government, it is very difficult to have anything done. In fact, nothing may be done at all. If, however, the Legislature is of the same party as the Executive, everything and anything can be done, including the raid of the Treasury.

This man, a Senator in the Congress of the Republic of the Philippines, is airing out some particular practices in Congress that stinks to the high heavens. And even when it does stink, it is deemed by the lawmakers as legal. We will follow this man as he does air out this stink.


The Philippines Moves Forward

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Shamcey Supsup


Shamcey Supsup

3rd Runner-up

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Santo Tomas, Pampanga


The town of Santo Tomas, Pampanga, Philippines celebrate the miracle of the Resurrection with a procession.


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AWSTATS is one company that provides these comprehensive statistics for free. The graphics is good and the tabulation is comprehensive. How do I interpret this stats?

One way is to look at the monthly number of hits from each country, especially the five leading countries. The European Country (eu) comes in as the fifth lowest among the high hitters with 7717 hits on 7303 pages turned and 183 Mb in bandwidth. It appears that each hit views about a page and concentrates on the picture or images. These confederation of countries called the EU started hitting only a month ago. They must have discovered this site from some Filipinos there.

Next comes China (separate stats from Hongkong) with 8343 hits looking at 8247 pages but with the highest bandwidth of 357 Gb. It appears that some viewers come back to look at the same page over. And with 357 Gb, viewers actually download the video clips. A marked increase of about 32 Gb was noticed ever since ironman2.mpg was posted. This video clip is 1.7 Gb long or about 18 downloads. And sure enough, the stats show ironman2.mpg had 17 hits from China.

The United States had 16,429 hits that looked at 4181 pages only and 4.71 Gb bandwidth. It appears that the same page was viewed 4 times over. They must be at the office, opening at the same page on their free time. Or a bunch of them looking at different screens using only one network. They don’t do much downloads, although the topic of America’s Got talent sort of increases the number of hits from them everytime one talent video clip is posted.

Very much the same with the Canadians—18,510 hits to view 4558 pages using 19.98 Gb bandwidth. It appears the Canadians download more video clips when they access their home computers. Canadians do have access to the Bell expressvu that provides GMA-Pinoy Tv on high-definition and also ABS-CBN TFCKo on high depreciation.

The Philippines come in with the highest (it was the lowest on the onset of this website) with 30,326 hits on 2438 pages and at 4.94 Gb. Yup, these viewers look only at the first page, most probably with cell phones that may not be able to turn the page. It appears also that their cell phones are unable to download some video clips because of the cost and the length of time required. Well, maybe if the video clips were converted to cell phone videos, they might be able to capture and enjoy the videos. The question is, which cell phone maker to convert it to? Nokia? Samsung? Sony? Ericsson? Blackberry? or what?

There are other ways to interpret the stats from AWSTATS, and it does give a clear picture of what is being viewed on the blog and from what particular region.