Peter Mansbridge

Susan Rice


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Prince Karim Aga Khan

Waxing philosophically over the political situations

in the nine Middle Eastern countries,

his words may just as well apply to all countries of the world,

whether they be developed or underdeveloped.


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At Issue



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Peter Mansbridge


See what I mean about his neckties?

Canadian Terrorist


A CSIS mole infiltrates Muslim cells in canada and reports

that Canadian terrorist are not born. They are made.

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Marc Cardinal Ouellet


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Under The Gun


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The National


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Peter Mansbridge


Peter Mansbridge

The Grand Maestro of  Canadian TV himself,

still graces the CBC National

wearing another of his awesome,

enviable suits.

Peter Mansbridge


Peter Mansbridge

(where does he get those ties?)

Peter Mansbridge

The grand old man,

or rather, The  Grand  Man of Canadian television

reportedly turned down a lucrative offer to move to an American network.


A strictly Canadian in both faith and principles,

he holds everybody’s respect

and there has been none to disrespect him.

This is not a plug. He needs no plugs.

He already cuts an imposing figure on the screen.


 I’ve been in Canada long enough to testify to this.