Pecquan Seed Factory

New Job Posting

New Job posting

  New job positions are open for  ambitious career-minded people.

The successful applicants will munch watermelon slices

from a tray and spit the seeds to a common basin on top a table.

They will be required to pass an accuracy test

by spitting 80% of watermelon seeds to a small spitoon 

2 ½ meters away.

Salary will be commensurate to the number of seeds spit

on the basin.

No high educational attainment required,

but high school grads are preferred.

Please send Resume to the Pecquan Dried Seed Factory.

Include photo and two character references.

Position applied for : NGASABER.

People with bladder problems need not apply.

  (butong pakwan : aliwan ng mga babaeng tamad!)