Congressional inquiries on these two government agencies may prove that there were skimming from the top and juggling of funds by the top.

PAGCOR controls gaming and Amusements, while PCSO controls the distribution of lottery incomes.

These agencies are big revenue makers for the past administration.

Funds were either pilfered or disbursed somewhere else.

Huzzah! Dairy farms!

The Bishops’ Free Ride


The much publicized heavy-powered 4X4’s donated to the Catholic bishops by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes initiated investigations right and left of public officials high and low.

If you ask me, and even if you do not ask me, I will say that the vehicles were used to reach the public which almost always reside in the far reaches of the rural areas.

Letters to the PCSO may have been required to secure a vehicle for the use of the bishops. And since the policy of donating vehicles to the church has long been established, these requests do come in a light-hearted, and sweet-talk fashion just like the men are wont to do when they ask for something. They do get carried away, these bishops, that they never realized that these flourished words they fill the letters of requests with can be misconstrued.

In other words, they did not know what they were doing, or were saying. Looking at it from this angle, why don’t we give them a break and let them enjoy the donations from the PCSO. After all, they are not on wages and very rarely would you find any of them with a retirement plan, or a pension, or health insurance, or etc.

Let us give them a break. It won’t hurt us much if we do. The vehicles are for a good and godly cause. At least the bishops did not steal them.

Charity is the word!