Willie Revillame

With a noble bearing, that theatrical gait, and the babaero strut, Willie Revillame belongs to that special breed of Filipinos who call themselves Novo Ecijanos.

These Novo Ecijanos may be called as aliens, meaning out of this world, because they excel in mostly everything that should be excelled in.

For Willie, his special forte  is his knack of eliciting the right response from people.

His show, WOWOWEE, hits the viewers with a laughing fit at one point, and then slaps them the next with poignant tales of strife from the guests.

This is the “pull” of this show. It satisfies the nostalgic needs of the OFW’s. His show has become the prime entertainment of the Filipinos abroad.




It would be interesting to note that the OFW remittances are what keeps the Philippines afloat.  It pays the salaries of the people in the government, whether they be men, or women, mataba, payat, pilay, bungi, buntis. It also puts something in the coffers of the treasury—exactly those coffers which government people dip in sneakily, whether they be men or women, corrupt or impartial, mataba, payat, pilay, bungi, buntis.

face2Shakespeare’s epitaph reads :  Curse be he who moves my bones

           Willie’s : Curse be he/she who changes any part of my show

Matitinik Talaga ang mga Manuel!

Presidential candidate Senator Manny Villar stunned the worldwide Philippine electorate with a free house and lot for each of the six OFW contestants in the Wowowee program.

(click on blue “Sikap at Tiyaga” caption)

Sikap at Tiyaga

This should provide him with a go-ahead status in the polls for presidentiables.

Revealed in this Wowowee program is Villar’s ace up his sleeve—his lovely daughter. She should most assuredly propel him towards the presidency.

Tribute to the OFW\’s

She should make a handsome First Daughter!



He should……ah never mind!