not a manhunt

The Kam-Bryer Driveabout

(This post is dedicated to the pilot of the helicopter which hovered on my backyard and then circled around the area five times in succession.)


The Kam-Bryer manhunt is actually a joy ride for the two.

But perhaps there are other reasons

why they are on this driveabout.

Maybe they are in search of possible futureTim Horton respites;

or maybe they are scouting for locations which are not populated

by indigenous peoples who may launch disruptive protests

against the laying down of pipelines;

or maybe they just landed a contract with Nikes

to start the ad for the hiking footwear;

or maybe they are bucking for merits to add to their resumes

for applying to the Canadian paratroops;

or maybe they are collecting data to

complete the manual

 on how to spite the RCMP;

or maybe they are hoping for a grant from the CBC News

for an interview with Rosie Barton.

Whatever their reasons are for this driveabout,

the RCMP has yet to state the evidence

to declare this driveabout a manhunt.