No world crisis here.

Canada Hosts Sinister Conference

Canada calls an emergency meeting of all

countries calling for the downfall of

President Maduro,

the legitimately elected President of Venezuela.

As wide as the support for Canada’s effort is,

this movement is still without any sanction

of the United Nations.

This emergency conference has now turned into

a ministers conference

for a sinister interference.

As for the constitutional legality of the

Guaido  takeover,

the Supreme Court of Venezuela

should have the last say on this,

and not the shouts

from any external meddler.

THAT is the democratic procedure.

Compared to Justin Trudeau’s government of Canada,

Pierre Trudeau’s government was a steamroller.

Justin Trudeau’s government is simply

keeping with appearances.

It has hypocritically gone against its

much-trumpeted  stickler-to-the rule-of law.

Regime change is NOT Canada’s rule of law.

The Canadian rule of law follows Canada’s law.

The Chinese rule of law follows China’s law.

Venezuela’s rule of law follows Venezuela’s law.

No ugly meddler should interfere.

There is no need for humanitarian aid for Venezuela.

The country has enough money to buy food.

Just lift the import restrictions to buy food.

Maduro is not the cause of the country’s sufferings.

He has restrained the police and the army

against shooting the protesters.

And he has asked Guaido for a dialogue

which the latter refused.

Venezuelans are suffering now

because the oil-greedy world

is ganging up on him.



(Yemen is the humanitarian problem, not Venezuela!)