The Natives are Restless…



in Southern Mindanao. Word is that the General staff is in a huff over their hands being tied by the cease fire  agreement while the peace negotiations are ongoing with the milf. No retaliatory measures are allowed because this would incur a suspension of the cease fire.(and the peace talks even!)

If you ask me, these unwarranted ambush slayings of the AFP patrols by the milf (sometimes 200 in number), are intended to disrupt the existing ceasefire. This would in turn halt the peace negotiations going on.

There are lawless elements in the milf that do not want a peace agreement between the Philippine government and the milf. Hence the attacks on the soldiers.

But the government may be able to retaliate if it uses non-government and independent armed people to  pursue the bandits. The government could hire mercenaries to do the job. Or perhaps bounty bunters.

I really must say that the Armed Forces of the Philippines should cease their mania to return to the barracks for dinner. A lot of things could be accomplished if there are patrols that spend a night or two in the jungle sneaking up on these bandits.

And then again, these night commandos or special forces should be chosen from those who are not afraid of the dark!