natural gas

Another Pun-ny Joke

Have you ever noticed

that every time Kiev burps

America blames it on Putin

and his natural gas?


The Price of Gas


There were suggestions to reduce the economic effects of the rising price of gas.

One was a government subsidy to effect a change to natural gas as fuel.

The other suggestion is a subsidized conversion to eelectric vehicles.

If most of the vehicles are converted to natural gas fuel, or even propane, there will be a bug demand on this fuel. As a result, natural gas prices will soar, and there again looms the high fuel prices.

If public utility vehicles are converted to electric, the lithium batteries would be that expensive, and the vehicles would obviously be useless when the flood waters come.

What should probably be known is that the public utility vehicles being used now have frames and bodies which are extremely heavy. This excessive weight make them gas-guzzlers.

It would be best to change the type of vehicles for transport.