A Muslim President?

The question came about

Could a Muslim be president of the US?

I say it depends.

How Muslim is that muslim?

If he is that Muslim who believes that

the only law would be the Shariah Law,

then he is a contradiction.

He could be president if he ignores the

tenets of the Shariah law.

But since the Muslim who ignores

the Shariah law is not a Muslim,

And therefore, the chances are very slim

that a Muslim can be president of the US.

Deciphering Islam


Islam was not meant to be deciphered. There is danger of starting another denomination of Islam in the process. Why is this?

There has not been established a convention to have an agreement on the belief of the religion. There is no hierarchy and Imams may choose their own curriculum, methods and tenets to teach. As a result, there exists extremism, conservatism, modernism, and jihadism and fanaticism.

Imams generally agree with the consensus of their own separate congregation, and do not necessarily agree with the doctrines of one supreme council. In fact, there is no Supreme Council to propagate a standardized set of dogmas. As a result, the beliefs are as dispersed as the individual interpretations of the Quran.

Conclusion—-it would be useless to ask a devotee of Islam for his comments. Chances are these comments will not be the authorized comments from the Islam religion.



The ills of polygamy is discussed in the next Sex + Religion.






Chasing Wild Horses


It might very well be…..

that the Philippine National police is chasing wild horses.

I know that some American short story writer wrote about somebody named ‘Flem’who  sold a herd of wild horses to the townsfolk.

And since the horses were wild, the townsfolk spent a lot of their time chasing after the horses all over town.

Now the PNP may just be chasing wild horses in the persona of muslims who may have been thought of bombing a bus.

It would have been funnier if they confide in us that they were actually chasing rainbows.

Now why would terrorists bomb a bus with only that many occupants?

And why would carnappers slay a car dealer if the latter does not agree to sell a vehicle to the former? And then burn the vehicle afterwards? qmark2


(now I remember… the short story was titled, “Spotted Horses”, and the author was William Faulkner)

The Muslims are restless


Any new ordinary, common, run of the mill explosion from suspicious parcels or boxes or makeshift bombs are blamed to the Muslims. It is only proper that these bombings and explosions are blamed to them, because they do these in the ordinary, common, routine way.

 This may also be called profiling. Muslim extermists create damage and trouble as a rule, so we blame them as a rule.

Why do the Muslims do this, do they want to be blamed for these bombings? Partly, yes, they do want to accept the responsibility for the bombings.

But why do they do this?

Maybe they feel deprived. Maybe they feel orphaned. Maybe they believe they should inherit half the world.

Well this claim  is not valid. Even if it is valid, it is impossible. While the Muslims are known to be the compassionate, charitable kind, they will never give away half of what they own. If they did, why the whole world will cart away half the oilfields in the Middle East, and half of Dubai afterwards. No, the Muslims simply want half the West, if not the whole of it. They feel that the West SHOULD BE the charitable and compassionate kind to give away half of what they own.

STILL, what I have just written may not altogether be true. The Holy Book of the Quran is left for the reader to interpret. This is probably what the Good Prophet Mohammed, the Messenger of God, forgot to do—–appoint people to be the official interpreter of the Holy Book of the Quran. You know, like Peter the Rock?

Hence, there are benign Muslims, and there are extremists. There are fanatics in both groups. It seems only the extremist groups/s are the ones giving the benign group the bad name. Muslims, however are generally God-fearing and law-abiding.

Now comes the question—-what if those car bombings and parcels that explode were not done by the Muslims?

(Sorry for the twist in the trend of thought. I usually do this when I write, but rest assured that this is not because my thoughts are twisted!)

If these are not done by Muslims, then the bombings and exploding parcels were made to be blamed to the Muslims. It can happen, you know. Do we need to launch another crusade because of this?

The murder of the Christians in Iraq is true. The Iraqis should be responsible for the bringing of justice for those killed. If they don’t…….

Travel advisories were laid against the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries, well now, at about an inopportune time for the leading countries to issue this,  when the Southeast Asian countries issue a clamor to invite the Philippine President for a state visit. The Southeast Asian countries are emerging. This is true, terrorists or no terrorists, it is true, the Southeast Asian countries are coming together.

The world should not fret. The Philippines is safe. The world should concentrate on the immediate trouble at hand—-Manny Pacquiao’s duet with Will Ferrel.

(God, there’s definitely no way I can make a good trouper!)



State of Emergency?

OK, OK, so that has been declared for that region.

This is another of those feeble decrees with feeble enforcement!

Why hasn’t the Army and the PNP disarmed the people? Are these law enforcement people  the ones intimidated by the murders and the beheadings? What are they authorized to do anyway, sell their weapons to the bandits?

Who is supposed to carry the big stick in that region?

What may satisfy the anxious Filipinos is the Commander-In-Chief going on broadcast tv to give the people a summary of the events and what the govt is doing about them. The people deserve to know.

Plumb Right

Hokay, this is the right color.

Humor me, people. I just like to to do this, ibigay ang hilig!


glo016 She speaks before the NAM (Non-   Aligned Movement meeting          

 in Egypt.  The Philippines has a 

unique situation with the muslims

of Southern Mindanao.



 (click on blue caption to watch the speech)

The Speech in Egypt