missiles aimed at America only

The Ugly American

Some writer wrote a book with this tittle.

Only recently did I understand what the writer had to say.

And that is habitual arrogance

born of the false heritage of what somebody else

termed as the Aryan race.

It is too late now for a diplomatic solution

to the North Korean threat.

I told you so.

Now Kim Jong Un has got the US more scared

than a rabbit in his deepest hole..

Decidedly so, because a hydrogen bomb

is nothing like the July fireworks

that I mentioned.

See what I mean by Oriental psychology?

And how some particular person can be egged on by

taunts and tempts.

If they had used that particular diplomatic move

that I suggested, it would never have come to this point.

Now both the US and North Korea acts like children

using lines on the sand and

middle fingers at each other.

Now it is too late.

The whole North Korean people,

brainwashed as they are,

would rather give what they have

to support Kim Jong Un’s intimidations.

The Americans should be blamed for this situation

not the rest of the world.

This has become a matter between Kim Jong Un

and the Americans.

Let them fix it by themselves.

It is not the world that is under tension.

It is the North Korean people.

Remember also that Kim Jong Un

has no grudge against the world,

only against America.