Miracle in the Rain

Miracle In The Rain




Mieacle In The Rain


Jane Wyman

Miracle video clip No. 1

Miracle Video Clip No. 2

(Watch these video clips on a flat screen and with your clean, flat towel.

Also this is good a plot for a script as I said before.

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Miracle In The Rain

The plot is simple. The screenplay is slow-moving. Yet this oldie-goldie of a movie gets the viewer glued to the set by sheer force of character portrayal.

They met in the rain. Love starts in the rain, will never die in the rain.

Not much have been written about St. Andrew and yet……..



Jane  Wyman

Miracle Video Clip No. 1

Miracle Video Clip No. 2

(This theme is prime for a script, or even a skit, with the hero perishing when a ferry goes down somewhere in the Southern Philippines. But a performance like that of Jane Wyman’s will be very, very difficult to duplicate.)