The Crystal ball


And once again I bring out my crystal ball to help read the signs that be. I find that its opinion, when coupled with my hunches, usually make a worthy forecast. And while the future cannot be seen, its event can still be deduced from events obtaining today. And so, sporting its  prickling electric needles and crackling with anticipation, its opinion came through in a whisper—–and forecasts that upon the results of the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona will rest the existence of the Senate of the Republic of the Philippines, and the fate of the southern portion of the country that we still call MINDANAO. These will not be in the near future, but it is forecast just the same.

Also, there will be increasing repercussions as both sides tend to upstage each other.

God help!

Peace in Our Time?


The photo shows President Aquino in a erstwhile secret meeting between himself and the MILF group from Mindanao, the southern portion of the Philippines which is eternally in a huff about sovereignty over the islands. The meeting was held in an impromptu fashion in Japan supposedly because of security precautions. The President was seen beaming with confidence as such is his posture whenever he succeeds in something politically spectacular for the Philippines.

It is reported that the MILF has acceded sovereignty rights to the Philippine Government in exchange for the formation of their own Bangsamoro State within the Philippine state.

It seems there will be Peace In our Time. But where have we heard this phrase before? It preceded a World War, if I might recall.

A meeting between Neville Chamberlain and Hitler gave Nazi Germany the right to annex some particular territories, after which Chamberlain came back beaming to announce this “peace in our time”. What followed afterwards are for the pages of history to unfold.

The Filipino people, up to now, have to be told what terms were made to formulate the agreement.

It was also reported that it was no less than a diplomat of the Philippine Department of Foreign affairs who said that President Aquino committed treason when he secretly met with the MILF leaders. I wouldn’t worry about the treason part. The President was only exploiting the opportunities for peace in an area that promises to be the breadbasket of the Philippines.

What I do worry about is that the Philippine Government should refrain from appointing diplomats to positions which require merit thru performance on the job and not merit thru recommendations by Congress people. This policy of appointment thru merit based on  performance, when applied, should eliminate the occasions of embarrassment to the Philippine Foreign Service and the country as a whole.

After all, appointments thru “palakasan” ordinarily spawns corruption. In fact, this type of appointment IS,  in itself,  an act of  corruption.


Military action halted

The military action against the rebels in Mindanao is halted. This situation is believed to be conducive to resumption of talks betweenm the milf and the Philippine government.

The suspension of hostilities is only applicable to the milf rebels, not the Abu Sayyaf terrorists.

How does one distinguish between them, anyway?

Well, if we must, we must!


Come to think of it, if that area were developed economically, there would have been no need to negotiate with the milf, nor with anybody, for that matter.

C. O. Drilon


Ces O. drilon

Survived a kidnapping.