meticulously brushed hair.

A tip For the Ladies


Sorry for the slack folks. I’ve been crunching numbers. And this Windows 8  does not cooperate. I found out that this version does not support computer programs in basic.  So back to the Windows 7 version I went. This time I have a lot of basic lottery programs tucked in my drive. It took me that long a time because I have to learn basic programming by myself. Again some trial numbers I came up with were 11,4,37,48,32,17,23,25,5,44,33,34 which are not for the Canadian 649 so do not go for it.

Nevertheless I did say I have a tip for the ladies. ( oh I never stopped watching them!)—-

If your boyfriend has stopped drinking into your eyes,

the next item that will catch his gaze will be your hair.

And, depending how meticulously you have brushed it,

he will then decide whether to exercise extreme caution,

or serious motion.

(go get ’em ladies)