Manny Villar

Manny Villar



Manny  Villar, from tiangge to money,  seeks to run the government with expertise and efficiency.  But what got me sold on his platform is his planned method of eradicating corruption from his government. He plans to have the media, relative private organizations and government departments to look into and examine any proposed government project and expenditures before its budget is laid out. This is the solution that I kept yelling my head off in suggesting to the Administration. I call this method Pre-Auditing the expenditures.

Also, he made a suggestion whereby the pork barrel is doled out effectively. And that is: a tag should be placed on the money regarding where it is to be used. The pork barrel money is therefore limited to its intended use. My suggestion precisely, and I call this method the Procured Barrel method.

Manny Villar is, after all, the man after my own heart.

In the panel interview he gave the GMA Pinoy Tv “Kandidato”, he answered all the questions to allay the fears of the people regarding some pertinent issues about his candidacy. Watch these video clips—

Kandidato video clip no. 1

Kandidato video clip no. 2

Now that he explained why he “ducked” the issues against his candidacy, I get a pretty good idea of the reasons why he did.

At least he does not call these issues as “senseless and without logic”.

Matitinik Talaga ang mga Manuel!

Presidential candidate Senator Manny Villar stunned the worldwide Philippine electorate with a free house and lot for each of the six OFW contestants in the Wowowee program.

(click on blue “Sikap at Tiyaga” caption)

Sikap at Tiyaga

This should provide him with a go-ahead status in the polls for presidentiables.

Revealed in this Wowowee program is Villar’s ace up his sleeve—his lovely daughter. She should most assuredly propel him towards the presidency.

Tribute to the OFW\’s

She should make a handsome First Daughter!



He should……ah never mind!