losing numbers

Choosing lottery Numbers

This post will blow your mind.

Consider this as tips in choosing lottery numbers.

Some tips you may have read are concerned

about picking the winning numbers.

This post will give you tips on picking the losing numbers.

By logic, if you know the losing numbers

you don’t have to bet on them.

The rest of the numbers will be the winning ones.

I have always quipped that

it is easier to choose a losing number than  a winning one.

You may even provide proof of this yourself

in that MOST of the numbers you chose

were losing ones.

I will then demonstrate what I am saying.

Consider the Canadian National 649 lottery

the next draw of which will be on Saturday,

January 26, 2019.

I pick as LOSING numbers these ones


How will this help you?

Ignore these numbers and choose others.

This will increase your chances

especially if you wheel your numbers.

These losing numbers are the result of the basic programs

which I created specifically for lotteries.

There are more numbers produced

but let us try these ones first for accuracy of the programs.

I might add more numbers later on as I proceed.

Remember that these numbers are for tomorrow’s

Canadian National 649 draw.

Next ; these numbers are unstable—




(50% chance)

Also, a number that is drawn three times

in five successive draws may not be drawn

on the sixth draw.

A number that is drawn in four successive draws

like the number 10

means that there is something rotten in Denmark!


General Rule for Lotteries


The first rule I will lay down in choosing lottery numbers is the Cardinal Rule of all lotteries, and this is :


“It Is Easier To Choose A Losing Number Than A Winning One” 

Therefore, you should choose all the numbers that are not probable to be drawn and then eliminate them from your bet. 

For example, if a lotto number has come out three times already within the last five draws, the probability is that it will not come out again on the sixth draw.

Therefore on the January 23 649 draw, the number 34 may not come out.

But hey, if you wish to follow this blog, you must get for yourself the list of the past winning numbers. This is a must.