Koala Boy

The Garci Modus Operandi

It ties up! What the koala boy says that there was fraud in the elections may be true!

Comes now Homobono Adaza who testifies of fraud by the Regional Directors of Comelec who allegedly tampered with the election results.

The word that Koala boy used is “intercept”, implying that some form of interception is being done so that the results will be altered ┬ábefore they are transmitted to the main Comelec servers.

If the Regional Directors of Comelec would dutifully transmit all the results from the polling precints ┬áto the Comelec main servers without alterations, the term would be “relay” not “intercept”.

Since Koala Boy is at a lost to explain technically how the results will be intercepted and altered, he got himself scarce before Teddy Locsin got a hold of him. This must be, as anybody can figure, the method Garci used in the last elections. With this automated elections, there is a doubt that this modus operandi will work.

(With a name like Homobono, he must be a good man, and therefore is trustworthy.)