Kim Jong-Un

Reunion Before Reunification

North Korean President, Kim Jong Un,

stepped across the border to South Korea

amidst a red carpet reception

worthy of a Korean despot.

Everybody is happy.

This is a reunion

and not a visit.


For all you readers who have followed my posts

on “oriental psychology”

you must have realized that all my guesses

about North Korea has come true.

And if you really like to know my next “weird” guess,

then hold on to your monitors.

This reunion, or what you may call a visit,

is actually a preview to reunification.

Kim Jong Un will de-nuclearize

simply because he has achieved already 

the international recognition

that he has nuclear capabilities,

and that further development is not necessary.

He was doggedly pushing for reunification all along.

Now that this has been initiated,

reunification between the two Koreas

is inevitable.

Nothing could stop this

not the UN, the US, the Uk or whatever.

This is now a political decision

between North Korea and South Korea.

Any other country besides is an intruder.

What is now the question is 

the presence of the American troops

in South Korea

and the economy of Japan.

Remember that the US is merely fulfilling the UN

sanction to protect South Korea.

With this reunification, the UN sanction

will therefore be nullified.

Oriental Psychology

I‘ve been mentioning this subject lots of times

in the course of this blog

particularly when the topic is about North Korea.

Now Donald Trump,

the pre-supposed successful Republican nominee,

has declared that he will talk to Kim Jong Un,

initiating vitriolic oppositions from the

American intelligentsia

in yet another blatant display of snobbery.

And so comes to mine the chief reason

why the American characterization is preceded

by the words “ugly”, “arrogant”,

and finalized with a spit on the ground.

And finally too, there comes forward Donald Trump,

the next American after general Douglas MacArthur,

who understands Oriental psychology—–

that one conquers not by force alone.

Sometimes, blunt words like what Trump is wont to say

make the most disarming diplomatic ploy,

especially when they are uttered in an unguarded way,

like a new-fangled chess opening!

Re-starting the Reactors


Nokor Reactor.mpg


Dennis Rodman

Amidst jeers and derision from his fellow Americans,

Dennis Rodman spares the rod on Kim Jong-Un,

North Korean President, and thereafter proceeds

with his basketball diplomacy in what turned out to be

the diplomatic coup of the decade.

This only strenghtens my belief that the country of North Korea

has been badgered and bullied by the West  into

what resulted into a solidly unified people 

with a vengeful desire to attain military peerage with the West.

It appears that the West has handled North Korea wrongly.

In comparison, the country of Vietnam,

consolidated from North and South Vietnam,

is now a much developed and progressive country.

Sad to say that the Americans considered  the Vietnam war as a lost cause.

The country of North Korea had the same intentions as the country which was

North Vietnam. Why would the West not consider the Korean War

as another loss and solve the whole problem altogether?

The Rodman Diplomacy.mpg

This also proves what Gen. Douglas Macarthur said about dealing with people of that part of the world: One must first know oriental psychology.

The American liberation of the Far East was a much laudable historic effort.

The Americans seem to have lost the touch for bringing up people.

They should try this again :

“Drinking rum and coca-cola

Go down for coo-manna

Both mother and daughter

Working for the yankee dollah’

(shades of ping-pong diplomacy) 

Applause for Failure


Shown is North Korean Premier Kim Jong-Un applauding a failed rocket launch.