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Former Justice of the Supreme Court and now Head of the Corona Defense Panel, Serafin Cuevas, is interviewed by Karen Davila on Headstart.



Karen Davila


Karen Davila

Mrs. Cristina Corona Comments




Mrs. Cristina Corona, wife of Chief justice Renato Corona, makes her

 first comment thru Tony Velasquez and Karen Davila who narrate thusly :

Account #…..444 was moved to Account #….021681 (17 million)—closed on December 12, 2011, belonged to BGEI

Account #….023848 (17 million)—belongs to BGEI

Account # 0201222 +Account # 0190593 (12 million)

37  million from the City of Manila expropriation

Mrs. Cristina was in Baguio so Renato Corona was asked to deposit these monies.

I personally presume that the prosecution panel (or secretariat by name) would know of the monies deposited by Renato Corona as per bank records. But the same bank records would also show that Rrenato Corona did not deposit it to his own account. If viewed at a distance, it appears that Renato Corona has money to hide to another account which is under his wife’s name. But looking at the source of this money it would be clear that Renato Corona did not deposit any money that he owns. He was only the bagman. Of course his name would appear as the depositor.

Renato Corona did not own any asset that he  failed to declare on his SALN.

The prosecution panel erred in not investigating further their documents collected under the name of “Renato Corona”.

I presume that the members of the secretariat simply used a computer to search for the name “Renato Corona” and came up with records which involves the name of “Renato Corona”. This procedure of searching for Renato Corona’s documents can be verified as  in the case of the Registers of Deeds called in as witnesses. Everything involving the name” Renato Corona” came up, including the three parking lots, and the properties of whomever were related to the name “Renato Corona”. This should explain that Renato Corona was mistakenly described to have owned 45 properties. Even those that he worked for as Attorney-in-Fact appeared to belong to him. Also, properties that were already sold came up as still unsold.

If there were pots of flowers given as gifts to his wife, these would have been construed as million-dollar properties belonging to him, using this type of computer searches.

(hane po! diba, diba?)       

Karen Davila


Karen Davila

Talk Host for Headstart,

Karen Davila’s interviews are aptly captioned—

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Merceditas Gutierrez, Ombudsman


Not much opportunity does this lady get to say what she has to say.

In the talk show HEADSTART of Karen Davila, this chance came up.

And does she say much to explain her side of the Ombudscoin.






Karen Davila




Karen Davila

The Lilac color, now why did they not think of that before?

Lilac is also the name for a flowering tree. Its branches and twigs, and roots are so full and sturdy that it could  slowly uproot a concrete foundation. I know because a lilac tree split and cracked my patio concrete. I had to cut down the Lilac tree and extricate it entirely from the soil before it reached my concrete basement wall. It took me a year and a half to do this. It didn’t want to go away. (Hay buhay!)

Karen Davila

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