Robert Zimmerman, Jr.

Zimmerman’s brother speaks——-

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awesomely witty.

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Article 3 Trashed



Prosecution Panel Chief Niel Tupas, Jr. received his sharpest dressing down yet from Senator-Judge Pontius Enrile when the former tried to restore the trashed “bribery’ factor in Article 3. The said factor constitutes the free tickets and complimentary favors and perks to Chief Justice Renato Corona. These items are not specifically included in the ill-formed and defective Articles of Impeachment, and to include these items would mean that Article 3 would have to be expanded. Anyway, complimentary tickets and perks are not uncommonly provided to the high officials nd high-profile people. All major companies provide these.

The prosecution Panel’s mistake is that they should have presented these items after they have presented the impeachable actions of the respondent, and not present these as the introduction to Article 3.

Ah well, this gives the Senate the opportunity to be dismissed early.

Caught Lying on Camera


Head of the prosecution panel for the House of Representatives, Neil Tupas, Jr., was caught lying on camera. It has been noted that the Prosecution panel and its spokespersons are steadily feeding”suspected” information to the public thru the media. This must be an effort to make a repeat of the People Power that deposed President Estrada. In that case, there was no ruling handed down by the Senate impeachment court because the prosecutors walked out for failures to present their case well for a possible win. Tough luck for Tupas & Co.  They have yet to present their promised ace in the hole and presently they are about to run out of cards.  With this denial on camera, he may have lost his mandate to lead the prosecution, that is, if he ever had that mandate.







Fireworks in the Impeachment Trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona started at the initial dissection of the Articles of Impeachment itself.

Lead Defense Counsel Serafin Cuevas, himself a former Justice, questioned the semantic validity of Article 2 wherein the terms “alleged”, “suspected”, and ” reported”, do not constitute accusations andf will lead to the Prosecution to mere fishing for evidence.

The following video clips show the crux of the disagreement and the intended compromise solution by  Chairman Senator-Judge Juan Ponce Enrile.

Serafin Cuevas


Neil Tupas, Jr.


Juan Ponce Enrile






Eugene Landau Murphy, Jr.


And then of course, Eugene landau gets to go to the semi-finals.

Eugene Landau murphy, Jr.



Flimsy cause

journalists 947

The Journalists-Lawyers of the land have banded together to primarily ask the court to make the Andal Ampatuan, Jr. trial televised for transparency.

This would be effective in rousing up the ire of the people against slow justice in the country. But  it would prove flimsy a cause if the ultimate purpose is to speed up the trial.  Speeding up trials in this country is nigh impossible, if not impossible. the courts are careful not to make the wrong decisions. Consequently, and sometimes,  it does make the wrong decisions under the pressure.

The Journalists could have initiated a more bravado request of asking the courts for the permission to interview Andal Ampatuan, Jr. Now this would really break the ice.

If the accused ‘cooperates’ then what he would say would be a wealth of information worth far richer than the missing Ampatuan Wealth.

NO?, Yeeesss!   Oh, YEEEEESSSSS! face2