Joseph Estrada

Joseph Estrada




the former President Joseph ‘Erap” Estrada accomplishes good things

whenever he puts his mind to it!

Erap / Binay

Elated, just plain elated, are  candidates Joseph “Erap” Estrada and Jejomar Binay. Their faith in the masses is coming to the fore. After all, the masses constitute the majority of the registered voters. If this group lashes back and put their sentiments behind erap whom they believed was cheated out of his presidency, then ayos na ang buto-buto.

erap157Which brings us back to the surveys—it is claimed that all the categories of the people are represented in the surveys, but it is not ascertained the percentage of the representation. If the lowly and the destitute comprise 43% of the registered voters, then the survey should include 774 heads of this group out of 1800 interviewed, no?

Joseph “erap” Estrada


Running again for the Presidency that was pulled from under him, Joseph “erap” Estrada hopes to repeat his  feat when he won this same seat with an unbelievable margin of 11 million votes.

Will his obssessive love for the masses make him the rallying point again?

For erap’s reply as to why he should be chosen as President,  click here

Lawyer’s Mistake

The Mancao testimony in the court was barred from the press.

His lawyer, however, made false remarks to the press regarding the masterminds of a murder, which were subsequently printed all over the papers. It appears that Mancao never said that Senator Lacson and then President Estrada ordered the killing of Dacer and his driver, Corbito.

This was a mistake because Mancao never made such a statement. The lawyer, Topacio, can be disbarred for this. Senator Lacson will now file charges against him.