jet planes withdrawal

Canadian Foreign Policy Shift

Sunny Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ran into heavy flak

regarding the decision of his cabinet

to withdraw the six jet fighters from

the fray in the Middle East.

It should be noted that he informed the Americans

about this withdrawal in his first visit to the US

before his inauguration.

I am now further convinced that he is going to do

as he promised before he got elected.

What impresses me most is the significance of his actions so far.

He is now proving to the Canadians and to the people of the world

that he has a mind of his own.

He is going to think and act sans intimidation

nor influence from any external entity.

And for this end

he should be given support by all Canadians,

excepting, of course, the opposition;

because they will not be called the opposition

if they do not oppose!

But let me discuss further on my next posts

the logic in this decision

and the benefits to be derived from it.