Jessica Sanchez

U.S. Memorial Day


God Bless America

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Jessica Sanchez







Of Filipino-Mexican descent, she suddenly realizes that both countries are rooting for her .

Jessica Sanchez




This voice of 16 years has timbre in the offing

and professionalism in the making

well worth to anticipate its mellowing.

Jessica Sanchez


Jessica adds caress in this song.



American Idol


On this particular show, the on board judges nullified the  results of the ridiculous voting system coming from the public and restored the status of Jessica Sanchez as contestant.

This of course does not affect the final outcome of the contest because Jessica will still be up against six more equally talented contestants.

But my point is that the judges, as shown in the picture below, stood up for what they believe is right.

This decision to reinstate Jessica will further their qualifcations as judges of American Idol,

most particularly Jennifer Lopez who has now afforded me with more reason to respect her talents,

aside from my adoration for her unique personal endowments.


American Idol.mpg


Whatever the final outcome of this contest,

the qualifications of these judges will never be doubted.