The MILF Report

The MILF report on the Mamasapano encounter

actually did not vary much from the BOI report.

By the scheme of those who did the report,

the blame for the encounter and the lives lost

is on the Philippine National Police

which initiated the conflict.

The MILF report, however, is yet to explain to the

Philippine Government why the MILF

started shooting at the SAF who were clearly identified

as the police doing police action.

Explanation should also be provided as to the

reason why Marwan and Usman

have comfortably settled in Mamasapano,

therein described as Revolutionary Territory.

This is actual proof that the region which comprises

the purported autonomous region will just become

a haven for terrorists,

a haven which the Philippine Government

will subsidize from its own tax revenues

coming from the rest of the country.

Hah! The MILF should stay as revolutionaries

and raise their own crop.

Note that the Philippine Government has yet to realize

one sizable tax collection from the said

rebel territory.