Hongkong Security

The Hongkong Swat and Forensics

 The lacklustre performance of the Manila Keystone SWAT compels us to believe that they need help. Much as we know that they have been successful in all their SWAT operations, it is high time to swallow their pill and invite some other equivalent organization like the Hongkong SWAT and The Hongkong Forensics (by whatever names these bureaus are called), to come and visit the country. The object is not to invite reprimand, or chides, or sneers from them, but to exchange notes on how to do some things. After all, these equivalent bureaus have developed different tactics and different methods stemming from different case experience. Let us term this a friendly exchange of pleasantries between counterpart agencies.

There is no more opportune a time as this because such a visitation by the British-trained Hongkong operatives and technologists would be remedial not only to the strained relations between the two peoples, but it would tend to wash away the thoughts that the analyses, and investigations, and reports would be whitewashed, as is common practice to even the big countries like the USA. Both the Chinese and the Filipinos would then be assured that all things are done properly and that some profound intentions for cameraderie are being re-established.

Nobody would accept  a report which is WHITEwashed, because everybody has seen everything in COLOR.

TO all the Security and forensics personnel in the Philippines, I believe that a formal invitation to the Hongkong Security and Forensics would be better for all the government entities and the peoples of both countries. Please understand that such a visitation is not to humiliate but to propagate! Prove to the visitors that you are more trigger-happy with your smiles than with your sidearms!