Holey Moley it’s bad!

Children of Undocumented Immigrants

 This is a Holey Moley predicament.

There are so much Holes in the laws that restrict immigration.

And the moles only have to dig small holes to tunnel through.

The consequence of complacency has now come up to the fore.

What is there to do now

with the large number of undocumented children?

The Americans are now side-swiping the problem

when it can be solved mostly by following only one rule.

And that is :  Children born in the United States,

or territory or lands belonging to the United States,

of whatever mother or woman they come from

will fall under the category of Natural-Born individuals,

and will have the right to claim American citizenship.

No ifs and buts in this rule.

Furthermore, if, after they are formalized as citizens

by naturalization procedures,

their parents can also claim American citizenship

because their sibling is an American citizen already.