Gregorio Mendoza apologizes

SPO2 Gregorio Mendoza apologizes

SPO2 Gregorio Mendoza, himself a policeman like his eldest brother the late Captain Mendoza, apologizes to the people whom his brother hurt.


And for you readers who may not understand the language from which he speaks, and for which I direct this post, I shall translate as accurately as I can

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HE SAYS: “It was raining and I was led through the backdoor. All at once two policemen grabbed me on both shoulders. At the first moment I could, I ran, and that’s when the tussling began. Mayor Lim ordered the (my) arrest. I am asking forgiveness from those that my brother hurt. He is not really that kind of man to hurt people. It is just that he saw me getting hurt. He does not want to see his brother get hurt. It is the way they led me through the back door. I was afraid that something bad will happen to me. They should not have led me through the back door.”



COMING FROM ME,  (COOLAMBO ): To those people from Hongkong that were hurt in this unfortunate incident, nobody really wanted this to happen; especially to the people of Hongkong whom we know are gentle people. It was just a matter of fate that the tourist bus was there, no real intention on anybody’s part to single it out, nor was it pre-meditated. All the ensuing events resulted from failure of communication. The event that happened was actually a surprise. This kind of hostage taking, or hijacking if you may, was totally unheard of from such a community comprised of Filipinos.

I am sure that our government is doing everything possible to atone for such an unfortunate incident, and is intending to appease and gratify those concerned.

This is an isolated incident. Please do not judge the whole country from and by this event.