Gregorio Mendoza

Captain Mendoza, the Alternate Ending


Of course we want endings to end happily. Certainly we want Captain Mendoza’s hostage crisis to end happily. Actually now we WISHED it ended happily.

BUT  WHAT  IF it ended happily. What if we could have an alternate ending just like in dvd movies. What if something like this happened—-

Captain Mendoza’s brother is in a predicament. He is being manhandled. And the Captain watches this all on the bus tv circuit. This is not the only thing that could make him snap but he snaps anyway. He started shooting the hostages all at once. But wait, Gregorio, the Captain’s brother was being taken away because he appears to be dismantling the negotiation proceedings because he wanted his gun back. That was the cause of this seemingly illogical event. Gregorio is making something like a tantrum because he wanted his gun back, and also because he is scared he might get hurt when the police are leading him away, and maybe he might not be around to give Captain Mendoza a helping hand which he wanted to very much.

Ah, but they took his gun away because it was feared that he would go inside the bus to help his brother! Doing so would have made two hostage takers for the police to deal with.

So with all these assumptions by the police, with all the presumptions of Gregorio, and with all this being witnessed on television by Captain Mendoza, why don’t I just flick this dvd back to when Greorio cried out that he should get his gun back.

And so I, with all my fantasies of heading the Crisis Management Group around those parts, would ask for Gregorio’s gun, will take out the magazine and unload it, will empty the chamber of any shell, and will give the gun back to Gregorio. He would have settled down for sure, that time of which I will order him to stay put but well within sight of his brother. All’s well when all’s calm, no?

Afterwards I, having broke the tension that endangered the lives of the hostages, will give myself a dozen pats on the back and a coupla dozen nose-thumbs to some people I know. :lol:


And then the negotiation should proceed to the next step, the alternate ending should be described on my next post, sometime later.