Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

Another Botched Operation


The surgery on former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was another botched operation in that a prior examination of her neck bones was not done before the operation. Her bones may turn out to be brittle. Or worse, the operation was not effective and another has to be done. Whatever it is, she has to go abroad for a biopsy of her bones and another, different,  operation would be done if required.

The problem is the present administration is not allowing her to leave the country for reasons that she has several pending court cases.

She may probably be allowed to go abroad if she leaves a hostage behind, like one of her sons, or Iggy, perhaps! :lol:

All kidding aside, she deserves to go for health reasons. Besides, if she were to run away from her impending court cases, she would have done so a long time ago, when  the running was good.

We all do not want to be blamed for her demise if her health deteriorates due to missed medical opportunities.

Gloria M. Arroyo


The Sound off


Them’s fighting words!

After making one heedless public apology,

She is not about to say sorry again,

Hence this ken-leon-ken-tigre,


Kung ayaw niyo, huwag niyo stance.


She rattled off all the achievements of her administration,

Skipping the bad things that happened during her watch,

Bad things that would compel her to apologize again,

Which is what the public would like her to do,

So they can ignore her again.


Tarry a while,

This stance do create more negative impressions from the public.

But it also creates the impression of strength from amongst the

Heads of State of the rest of the world.


Strength implies permanence. This would serve her well in her

Negotiated agreements with international  leaders.


But while

This affords her a leverage over her international palavers,

Back home remains the nagging question of whether she can deliver.


If she declares simply she will not pursue any public office come 2010,

The well-knit organization that now does her bidding

Will simply disintegrate

Before 2010.