Gloria Arroyo

Obsessive Assumptions


Sad it is to see the start of the decay of the Philippine democratic society.

Obsessed with the assumption that his mandate to govern is solely to punish the corruptors and rid the government of corruption, Noynoy Aquino, scion of the erstwhile cornerstones of democracy, has caused to have the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to be impeached.

He has presumed that Renato Corona, the impeached Chief Justice, have favored the side of  former President Gloria Arroyo in the rulings that have come down regarding the cases of the latter.

The Articles of impeachment conveyed to the Senate for the final decision have contained mostly, if not all, assumptions.

And, if I might add, the reason why Noynoy’s mania to castigate Gloria Arroyo has reached blank walls is that his legal panel to prosecute is in reality inept. The panel appears to be new to this prosecution game, especially when the principal target, CGMA, did not actually receive any  illegitimate money to prove corruption. All she has to say is she did not know about those things.

The next recourse to convict CGMA is, of course, to bring down any barrier or hindrance to the prosecution, which actually is the justice system as personified by the Chief Justice, Renato Corona, who finally got piqued and finally says in public what a lot of people think—–that Noynoy is aiming to create a dictatorship. Coming from the Chief Justice, what a lot of people presume may now be true, that Noynoy is getting rid of the chief barrier to his dictator motives, which is in the person of the Chief Interpreter of the Constitution, Renato Corona.

This man, Renato Corona, together with the associate justices, is that one person that keeps the situation at its legal level. He shields the country from the onslaughts of anarchy.

I am not now constrained to ask that when finally the yellow shirts are shed, will they be wearing brown shirts? And ultimately after the brown shirts, will they be wearing black uniforms?

If the Bastille falls, can the guillotine be far bahind?

.the obssessed will incessantly try to have his way, ken leon ken tigre

Congresswoman Gloria Arroyo

gloria274In this occasion, she demonstrates a very economical, environment-friendly method of getting rid of pests—–let loose a gecko inside the place. The gecko will eat the pests and other insects. Sort of a maintenance-free exterminator.

(I had no idea till now that she had a problem with pests in Malacanang>)

Nakawala sa kural

And suddenly, without warning, the Sec of Justice let the Ampatuans go. He said he looked at the evidence presented and decided that there was no probable cause. HAH!

If there is none, why the big hush-hush to delay the announcement that the Justice Sec is opening the gates of the corral? And why are the public prosecutors up in arms? The Media people, the Human Rights Commission, and the teary-eyed relatives of the murdered people making a loud outcry to get him to quit his post?

They say now that Gloria had something to do with this pinakawalan sa kural. Also, the Justice Sec was formerly the suspects’ election counsel.

It sures smells rotten, this decision to let them go. The Justice Sec for sure smells rotten, too.

As for Gloria, she does not have to tell the Justice Sec,  Agra by name, what he had to do—–this is all but understood what he had to do, ne po?


Beaming Triumphant….



Martial Law Justified

“The End Justifies The Means”



(I guess the sky still will be blue!”)



Keeping them guessing…

Without lifting a finger, and saying nary a word, she has put the nation out of their wits, and the top politicos eating their hearts out, by not telling what she is going to do politics-wise in 2010.

 Would she run as a congressperson?

Would she unleash the Con-Ass to initiate her taking over the government again?

Or would she do something else?

 Personally, I would say that she will do something the people have not thought of yet.

Why? Because my Crystal Ball says so!


Women still have the privilege of changing their minds, of keeping the guys in limbo, of stretching the reply till the last moment, of saying no when they mean yes.