First suggestion



The reelected PM Justin Trudeau,

would like to make amends with the two provinces,

AB and SK,

which he does not have control of now.

It may be too late now to do this

for all the decades that these two milking cows

of provinces were not fed nor cared for.

Remember Quebec’s pride of hydroelectric power

which was constructed simply to stop Alberta’s oil

from flowing in?

Well this power generating project was built

with Alberta oil funds,

so there.

Trudeau must, of necessity, proclaim himself

as PM of Eastern Canada first before he can talk to

the Wexit provinces.

Because he truthfully is not considered

as PM  of ALL  Canada,

if only to ask any of the

peoples in both provinces.

To stop the WEXIT conclusively

I would suggest firstly and primarily


to Ottawa for as long a time as necessary to put prop up

the two provinces.

This might cause some problems with the budgets

of the Eastern Provinces as a result.

But what the hey, let them share the sufferings

of the Western provinces.

Otherwise, he should not set foot on any of the

WEXIT grounds so as not to bear a reception

unwarranted his position.

After this first suggestion is put into effect,

there would be more suggestions as follow-ups

to mend completely what was broken.