You have stealth when you don’t get noticed

while entering one’s property,

shouting on your bullhorn,

“Disisda  police.

You in there,

We’ve got you surrounded.

Come out with your hands up.

Or we’ll get in and tie your hands up!”

All kidding aside now,

stealth has something to do with being

surretpi, sureppti, surpereptiti,

being sneaky.


The F-35 is not only a stealth fighter,

it is a dream fighting machine.

It incorporates everything that a pilot

would wish for in a fighter plane.

It is so much of a dream that the price of

developing one has also  been a dream.

And yet, this could have been completed

and commissioned  at a much lower cost

had the stealth feature been dropped.

What for you need stealth?

Everything now depends on which pilot

sees the enemy first.

The F-35, I say, still can be seen as it approaches.

It uses lots of fuel if it goes high to escape radar.

It is very noisy if it flies at treetop height to escape radar.

The one feature that this may be useful in winter regions

is the Vertical Takeoff and Landing.

But since this procedure requires the lifting force

directly from the engine and not from the wings,

the plane consumes a whole lot of fuel

even from a single-engine plane.

The Canadian pilots will still insist

on flying twin-engine fighters.

Bombardier will have to modify the F-35 jets

to suit Canadian specifications.

When done, Bombardier might be able

to sell the modified F-35

for all intents and purposes.

The Seven Year Ditch

After seven years of carrot dangling

Obama finally announced that he is rejecting

the Keystone Pipeline.

With all the reasons he mentioned

one item finally stands out—-

climate change.

Branding Canada oil as “dirty oil”

he said that the pipeline will hasten

climate change.

He forgets that Canada oil will be burnt

in the States whether there be a pipeline or not.

Ah, but we do know that there will be a

meeting in Europe regarding climate change.

Somebody we know must be bucking for

an environment award.

And perhaps, just maybe,

the name for the next aircraft carrier.

At least Canada can now reject the F-35 completely

and withdraw the rest of Canada’s troops

from the Middle East

and review the NORAD treaty.