excessive accomodation from the straights

Baking An Odd Cake.

An LGBT couple filed a case against a baker

who refuses to bake them a wedding cake.

The LGBT couple says their freedom is violated.

The Baker says his freedom is violated.

Now a ruling by the court will determine what structure

American democracy will be.

If you ask me,

(they don’t ask me most of the time)

I will say that this is all about freedom.

You see, freedom in democracy

is not absolute.

You will be free to do anything you want to do

as long as it does not infringe upon the freedom of

the others.

One is free to express himself

but this expression should not be against another.

One is free to be abnormal enough to like

one of the same sex.

But he will not be free to to force others to believe

in what he believes in

nor force anybody to join him.

This LGBT couple is free to ask the baker to make a cake.

 But he will not be free to force him to make a cake.

More so because,

the baker’s belief is against the LGBT’s belief.

One’s rights will not be forced against somebody else’s rights.

If the LGBT Club would like to enjoy the rights of the straights club

they should follow the rules of the straights club.

Otherwise they should form their own club.

Was there any good reason not to ask another baker to do this order?

Or this is just grandstanding?

(The LGBT’s are pushing it.

It is high time to stop forcing the straights

to consider them as normal)bruha