Enriqueta Vidal

Keeper of the Docs

Enriquetta  Vidal


In marked contrast with the BIR Commissioner is Enriquetta Vidal, Keeper of the Documents, or commonly called Clerk of Court. But while both the BIR Commissioner and the Keeper of the Docs are knowledgeable and dedicated to the performance of their duties, Enriquetta possesses one trait that stands out more than any from others of similar stature and position—-her discipline.

Notwithstanding her close proximity with her bosses whilst at work, Enriquetta insisted and got, the documents that are in her safekeeping to be under lock and key. This simple procedure safeguards all other people concerned, including the public.

Among the documents are the SALN, or Statement of Assets and Liabilities, and Net Worth of people in the Supreme Court. These are filed with her after which she generates an Alpha List to be submitted to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) as the Alpha List, or simply, a summarized form of income particulars.

For obvious reasons, the Supreme Court has its own procedure in submitting their income particulars. The SALN`s are open to the public as long as proper procedure is followed in viewing them. There is no such rule as the viewing of these documents are closed to the public. It may be proved that the prosecution members did not actually ask these SALN`s to be disclosed, hence there was no disclosure.

What is noteworthy of Enriquetta Vidal is her stoic hesitation to give the SALN to the Senate without approval of the Supreme Court. She finally gave in and handed the documents to the Senate. In this instant, I do believe that there was a signal of approval from the Supreme Court to abide by the Senate rules. Don`t ask me how she received this cue. I can read her eyes.

One thing for sure, I would not hesitate to get her to join my outfit if I were tasked to form a Foreign Legion. Such loyalty and discipline is very hard to find in a trooper.


(‘twould be important to note the message that it is extremely difficult to get the SALN of the Justices much less disclose them)