Ah, let them run…

Let Gloria run for Congress.

Let Erap run for President.

Let history run its course.

The reults would be conclusive.

Just remember, people, Congress might suddenly turn itself into a Legislative Assembly for Parliament

even without your vote.

So vote wisely for your congressman.

Any of the presidentables is okay.

All of them promise not to steal.


The Source Code

The COMELECĀ  Members are not that engots to allow the source code for the automated election machines to be published on the web as other people want them to do.

Publishing this source code will be tantamount to doing away with the controls, screens, filters, and regulatory procedures by which the country is banking on for a clean election.

If people with dubious motives would learn of this source code, they could simply manufacture their own data for the results of the elections.

If confidence on the technical expertise of the COMELEC Members is the issue, then let the COMELEC Members select technical people who would act as their surrogates on automated election equipment.

Don’t you worry, Bayan, those who intend to cheat in the next elections would not even know how to cheat the equipment, as they themselves would not know which equipment to use for cheating.


Afghan Elections


Afghan President Hamid Karzai and his Western allies have pronounced the country’s election a success, after voting passed off largely peacefully.

Mr Karzai hailed Afghans for braving Taliban “bombs and intimidations”. His praise was echoed by the US and Nato.

There were some attacks by insurgents, but the UN says the vast majority of polling stations were able to function.

President Karzai is facing challenges from about 30 rivals. Official results are not expected for two weeks.

“The Afghan people dared rockets, bombs and intimidations,” he told reporters as polls closed following a one-hour extension.

Mr Karzai praised the citizens who turned out to vote

“We’ll see what the turnout was. But they came out to vote. That’s great.”

In Washington, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said: “Lots of people have defied threats of violence and terror to express their thoughts about the next government for the people of Afghanistan.”

Mr Karzai said that based on reports by the interior ministry, 73 attacks had taken place in 15 provinces.

Among the violent incidents reported:

Taliban militants stormed a town in Baghlan, northern Afghanistan, preventing polling stations from opening, police tell AFP news agency. At least eight died in ensuing clashes with police

Taliban militants set fire to a bus on the Kandahar-Kabul highway in Ghazni, after offloading passengers and the driver, reportedly as punishment for violating a Taliban ban on using the road

Rockets hitting houses in Khost and Kandahar provinces killed two women and several children

More than 20 rockets landed in the capital of Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand province, a Taliban stronghold

In northern Baghlan province, a district police chief was killed when Taliban militants attacked a police post

Some 300,000 Afghan and Nato troops were on patrol to prevent attacks during the presidential and local polls.