The National Security Risk

Dirty-mouthed Trump now really laid it on

the people of this country that sits

with its arse over America’s head

and is supposedly the country to blame

for the snow coming down over this

overblown bountiful head.

This dishonest and weak  country,

while following the heels of great America

in the latter’s intrusive wars all over the world,

has now been tagged as a national security risk

by the ingrate of a big brother.

(This photo makes the perfect substitute for my target practice dart board)

These ungrateful bullies so much as bombed

the camps of Canadians even with tents

of a big red cross painted over them.

yes, these Canadian soldiers do better,

more efficient, enviable jobs than the American pilots

who never could earn TOP GUN recognition

in their own air bases over the Canadian pilots.

Canadian troops were intentionally slain

by American “friendly” and jealous fire in

Iraq and Afghanistan.

As a reward, America is the selfish objector to Canada’s

merited seat in the UN Security Council.

This should add to America’s greatness, eh?

It is to be recalled, too, that some Louisiana farmer

sneaked in cattle infected with the Mad Cow Disease.

As a result, beef products from Canada, even when uninfected, was banned 

for more than a year by the international community,

including the United Sanctions of America.

National Security risk, says the brown shirts,

but which country  should have a beef 

against the other?

Rosenstein Hearing


Rosenstein Hearing.mp4

(1 1/2 hours)

Out of his rosy chair

and into the Senate grilling chair

is Rosenstein,

functioning as legal overseer

for Robert Mueller.

This one is a survivor.

And he knows his way around,

even makes circles around Congressmen.

One of these days….

Governor Mike Huckabee

One Lucky Guy this Governor Mike Huckabee

for being the only with a comprehensive understanding

of what ails the GOP Health Care Bill.


Mike Huckabee.mp4

It appears, though, that

he has a good grasp of the Canadian Health Care

and how it works.

This video shows a part of the Canadian Health Care.

Come to think of it

for him to know that much

he must be a Canadian!


He is not that good looking to be a Canadian.

But he’s close, he’s close…

so there…

Bring It On!


As I said before

Bring It On!

After more than 5o hours of file recovery

and countless hours of debugging,

this site still goes on.

I must have antagonized a whole lot of people

not from what I did

but from what I said.

But they will still do their worst.

And I will still say

Bring it on!


Russian Planes Buzz Destroyers


Now it gets exciting.

Not to worry, not to get jittery about this.

The planes may just be curious, and playful.

But I believe that the planes are giving the destroyers a warning.

The warning is : Don’t dock, don’t unload, don’t load, keep outside the 12 mile territorial waters limit, one buzz for every mile of territorial limit.

The reason that they do not answer the ships’ hails is that they probably do not want to speak in English!

(ever thought of that one before?)



Thanksgiving Dinner

That was a good Thanksgiving dinner.

The turkey bones really make for good macaroni soup (not the bones, the soup stock).

And it lasted for two days!