The failure of a nation’s agriculture almost always precedes a recession.

Always, the failure of agriculture comes about within a period of drought.

The heart of America’s agriculture is in the midwest, a region which importance is sometimes overlooked by the urban folks.

(This post is presently in the works. It will be finished after I make my numbers. Meantime, watch Morgan Spurlock’s incursion to the midwest, specifically to the Winnitz ranch)


Agriculture deals with raising livestock, poultry, hogs, turkey, grain, vegetables and etc., or simply those which are converted to food.

It is basically an industry that deals with growth, which in turn requires the earthly elements of sunlight, air, soil and water. There would be no cultivation if one of these is lacking.

The lack of water results in dryness, or drought. No grass will grow. The first casualty would be the item with the largest protein stored, which is cattle, the livestock. And the drier it becomes the more chances are for fires to start.

Cowboys are cow-sheperds. They lead the cows to pasture, thence to water, thence to pasture again.

The following videos narrate the Winnitz family plight against drought.:












Rain, rain, go away….

Let us save some water for a rainy day!

Sala ka na sa tuyot, sala ka pa rin sa lunod!

The country chokes from drought during the dry season

and dives under floods during the rainy days.

What do we do under such situations? Save water for the time when it would be needed. Logical, isn’t it?

How many scientists and Engineers and Mirons do we have in the country? Enough to think up of something (aside from contriving to skim money from government contracts).

How many of them would be required to conjure up concrete reservoirs for the cities and man-made lakes for the suburbs? How many of them would it take to think of widening and dredging the rivers and raising the height of dams to hold more water. Do we have the ingenuity to think of something like the Tennessee Valley Authority? What about large-scale digging of wells to feed aqueducts? What about making a large man-made lake in Central Luzon where river control projects are constantly being messed up by pseudo Engineers? When will we stop depending on the Angat river for all our water needs. It is not as wide as the Nile, you know, nor as resource-laden!

When will we ever learn? qmark2

Water, water

There is water all around the Philippines,

but not around where it is needed.

The DA is again caught with their pants down.

They could have had the foresight of digging wells all over strategic places in the country with permanently built water pump stations. Why would the DA keep trying to achieve self-sufficiency in food for the country by just relying on importations. Why can’t they think of something positive for a change.