Strelkov Press Conference

Defense Minister of Donetsk, Strelkov, gives a press conference.


Strelkov Press Conference.mp4

(negroid mercenaries in armoured vehicles?)

Another Malaysian 777 Downed

MH17, another Malaysian Boeing 777 disappeared off the radar  and is now reported crashed in territory controlled by the Kiev forces in Donetsk.

It’s the same story as the MH730. And I stick to my own evaluations regarding Boeing 777’s.

American media, including the Canadian media, is blaming the Russians for downing the plane with missiles.

They should know better, eh. They rely on guesswork and biased opinion.

The one conclusion they should have made right now is not to fly Boeing 777’s. Their flights are unreliable and the design is not to be trusted as regards security.


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(the Blackwater must justify their billion-dollar budget)

The “Foreign Legion” Moves In

Three specific army groups move in to Donetsk  to “keep order”.

Observe well this specific uniform which is common to some particular army that we know. It has that characteristic computer-designed camouflage.

Russia should keep the massed troops at bay in Russian territory and let the world  know what is happening. If the Russian expatriates really want independence from Ukraine, they will do something about this. Wait for this event, and don’t shoot first. If nothing happens, that’s good. It’s a waiting game and somebody else is paying to feed the mercenaries. Besides, it pins down these troops away from Kiev.


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Kharkov Fires Up

Not to be outdone by Crimea and Donetsk, Kharkov swings onto the wagon and starts their own rally to ask for independence. This would be a longer process than all of a sudden, though. But it is a good thing that the protests are not violent. The secret of a successful protest is the mass of people with a quiet determination. No shooting!


If the process of independence, or autonomy for East Ukraine would be speeded up, then target the fall of Kiev. The fall of Kiev should mark the fall of Rome, and thereafter you only have to cross one river, the Dneper. The rest of the country West of this river is not worthy to be called spoils.

After Kiev is taken by peaceful, even diplomatic means, then the former government of Yanukovich can be re-installed. Having done so, then Yanukovich’s government can proclaim an election or a referendum whichever it is. But it must be the democratically elected government which will declare a referendum.

There will be mini “foreign legion” that will be there to disrupt your plans. But then again that would give you the excuse to send in your own “foreign legion” to combat the other. It will be snipers against snipers, assassins versus assassins. You will be at an advantage because you are in your own turf, and your resources are unlimited.

Refrain from arming the protesters. Anybody that is armed will not be Russian. And don’t enter Ukraine wearing a Russian uniform. Anybody who would wear a Russian uniform is not Russian.


Donetsk Next



At least 1,000 protesters have gathered in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, the industrial capital of the region, demanding that authorities respect their right for self-determination by allowing them to stage a Crimea-style referendum.

The rally was held in the city’s central Lenin Square. Demonstrators held Russian flags and signs which read, “The Republic of Donetsk.”

The protesters called for a general all-Ukrainian strike and distributed leaflets declaring April 18 a referendum day.

“Today a referendum remains a sharp political and social issue in Donbass region. People do not leave squares and require to hold [a referendum]. The fight for a referendum is accompanied by protests against rising prices for gas, electricity and food. The socio-patriotic movement ‘Eastern Front’ offers trade unions to hold a general strike on April 18. The goal of the strike is to require that the authorities hold a referendum and introduce a moratorium on the increase of tariffs and utilities,” said the leaflet, according to local media reports.

Residents then marched from the square to the city council building. Law enforcement officers in riot gear gathered near the building.

The protesters demanded that local authorities meet them at the location. According to reports, a group of city council deputies came out of the building.

Demonstrators wave Russian flags during a rally of pro-Russia supporters outside the regional government administration building in the center of the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk during on April 5, 2014. (AFP Photo)

Demonstrators chanted slogans such as “Referendum” and “Berkut,” as well as “Russia” and “Taruta (the new Donbass governor recently appointed by the Kiev government) needs to go!”

Earlier, the press service of the city council reported that authorities had not received any requests or notifications from social organizations or political parties about the Saturday rally.

Deputies of the city council, Igor Ponomarenko and Igor Sviridov, promised to meet residents at Lenin Square on Sunday, according to local media.

On March 1, Donetsk City Council made a decision to support the residents in their calls for a referendum. The deputies of the city council said that the decision on whether to hold a referendum is currently being considered by the court prosecutor, and the next hearing will take place on April 22.

On Friday, a group of people gathered at the German consulate in Donetsk to protest against what they say is German interference in Ukraine’s domestic affairs. They have signed a petition asking Berlin to stop meddling.

A demonstrator holds a flag with the portrait of deposed Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych during a rally of pro-Russia supporters outside the regional government administration building in the center of the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk during on April 5, 2014. (AFP Photo)

“We ask you to convey to the leadership of your country our request of non-interference in Ukrainian internal affairs by Germany,” the petition reads.

“We ask you, based on Germany’s international authority, to warn other countries from this, not to enkindle war and not to support fascism in Ukraine,” said the people’s statement, as quoted by local media.

After President Viktor Yanukovich was ousted by an armed coup in February, the Donbass region has been gripped by protests against Kiev’s coup-imposed government. Thousands of demonstrators have been demanding to hold a referendum to decide on the future of the region – just like in Crimea, which refused to recognize the country’s new authorities.

The Republic of Crimea declared its independence from Ukraine following the March 16 referendum, in which 96.77 percent of the voters chose to rejoin Russia. Despite calls to boycott the vote and provocation attempts, 83.1 percent of Crimeans took part in the poll.

A man holds a Russian flag as police officers stand guard outside the regional government administration building in the center of the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk during a rally of pro-Russia supporters on April 5, 2014. (AFP Photo)