Dolphy at Wowowee


Ikaw Na Nga

Dolphy Sings




Dolphy, as an Anomaly



(Please check my post on July 30,2009)

I do not see him being undone at about this time.

It is not written.

My question would be : why was the dialysis started late?

The answer should not be : the procedure is expensive!

If only to provide a compliment,

Dolphy is the only comedian after Bob Hope

that I yearn to watch and laugh with.

I used to walk three miles to the theater

to watch his zany movies.

Dolphy at Wowowee

dolphy569Dolphy at 80 on Wowowee

Dolphy sings at Wowowee.mpg

Dolphy at 81


 Dolphy is an anomaly.

He is one of the very few good men

Who did not die young.

His rendition of this song “Ikaw na Nga”

Has compelled me now to listen to it in its entirety.

It is truly the singer, not the song!

Ikaw Na Nga

(Perhaps this song would be less boring if sung with the key an octave higher!)