The Word Nigger

The Word Nigger


  So I said it, even wrote it down for all to read.

Now, do I get fired for it?

Do I get stoned for it?

Do I get kicked out of school for it?

Or do I get shot like I were a cop?

Frankly the era after Martin Luther King has been disappointing.

You would have thought that the brave and the free people,

 the Americans,

  would have gone over the days of Uncle Tom’s Cabin by now.

They have yet to grow up.

If the blacks consider the word as hurtful, then they deserve it.

Only those who get hurt by that word deserve to be hurt by that word.

The word nigger today is still as derisive as the days of slavery.

The Negroes should have gone over the implication of that word.

They should take the word as meaningless as past history.

In truth, nigger refers to, and only to, the black African Americans.

So why consider the word in a bad context?

For the Americans to live up to the dream of Martin Luther King,

they should stop considering the word as something that separates black and white.

This word is probably the first thing that initiates segregation.

This should not be the case.

Not if this word is not used as a swear word, but is instead, uttered affectionately.

Or even with just a smile.

It is sad that a fraternity would be kicked out of the university for the members singing a song about niggers and lynching. What happened was a group having a private revelry similar to what we may call a stag party. And Lord knows what the favorite sex expressions are said during a stag party. This is a private gathering of a frat in a bus and the revelry was not supposed to be public. Therefore the frat members did not do anything wrong, in my book, the video in question was not intended to be publicized. So why get riled by it.

Nigger is just a word.

Ignore it and it will go away.

And grow up!