dividing Canada and Mexico

Trade War

His hyperactivity going on overdrive,

Trump starts another war.

This time it will be against the whole world.

He installed tariffs,

as expected,

on steel and aluminum.

He claims that the United States has been 

losing on its trade with the world,

and instead of blaming his own country

for the trade deficit,

he blames the whole world.

He should fix his country first before

trying to balance the situation by

imposing tariffs.

He knows this is a losing gambit,

but what the heck,

as long as he signs his name on the new deals.

It is a learning process for him

particularly when the tax cuts and

increase in wages for labor

are overturned by the consequence

of the economic changes as a result

of the tariffs.

Afterwards, the wisdom of employing the low-salaried,

undocumented immigrants seeps in,

and the under-the-table wages

in the sanctuary cities

come to common practice.

Not all peoples of the world

live the same way as Americans do.

Even when the Americans declare 

that foreign trade is a risk

to their national security.

As if their imports will contain


What a ridiculous advice

from the NSA.

(no new trade deal if Trump suggests it)