disciplined force

The ISIS Central Command

I say again that the ISIS moves like a military unit.

It has discipline within its ranks.

And since this is so, it should have a Central Command.

Wherever the HQ is, the surveillance devices overhead

is unable to determine.

Either that, or the Central Command is mobile.

It has actually been a step ahead of the US Intelligence.

Notice that Bagdad is encircled and is under siege.

ISIS is gathering strength and resources,

for that time that they can install the Caliph of Bagdad.

ISIS has, however, refrained from holding the high ground in daylight.

It probably uses a series of caves for shelter.

Also, at the rate that they receive the revenues from Iraqi oil,

ISIS may one day form a squadron of jet fighters,

that is, if they can secure airplane maintenance men.

But who is the fence?