Naïve Diplomacy


Naïve Diplomacy.mp4

The naivete of Rodrigo Duterte’s diplomacy

is reminiscent of Fidel Castro’s.

The latter was compelled to go the Russian way

by events contrary to his revolutionary objective.

His was not communist leanings,

merely socialist

brought out by his desire to alleviate his people’s sufferings.

Very much like Fidel Castro, Duterte resents

being ordered around and intimidated

to do things against his good presidential judgement

by those who profess to help the country.

It is to be recalled that Fidel Castro succeeded

in preventing his country to be converted

into a gigantic casino by US business enterprises.

It was a lot better for Fidel Castro

to be a Dictator than

being dictated upon.

Russia’s help was without sanctions nor puppet strings.

Presently, force of circumstances are forcing

President Rodrigo Duterte

to have this simple, naïve diplomacy.

Heck, it’s a better alternative to begging.


Of Tyrants, Dictators, and Despots


They hold absolute power, and their word is law.

They are the best choice to develop a country and improve their people’s lot.

They are at their best when they start to do their work

keeping order and discipline.

and at their worst towards the end.

creating disorder and disruptions.

They are  extremely difficult to stop after they start.

They also incur an unhappy death.

Alack! And good riddance!

((they act the more exciting roles in the drama of history)