Tears From Heaven, Bolts of Anger….


Tears From Heaven, Bolts of Anger

The heavens shed tears to fill the waterways, flood villages, and destroy bridges.

The heavens are sad. The world has been ignored.

Rampant devastation of the world is underway without disruption.

And the heavens reply with warnings of floods and molten earth and vortices and quakes,

And with bolts of lightning with such ferocity and speed that could freeze the soul.


Seen here is such a fearsome display ablazed in the sky.

It missed the house, perhaps intentionally, because there are people in it.

After all, this is just a warning for people.

People should stop the wanton destruction of the world.


Beautiful as they are when seen crackling in the sky, still they can destroy.

Lightning bolts, beautiful as they are when angry, have yet to target people, intentionally.

What if they started to target people intentionally?