Democrats on alert

The First Shock

I did say that there will be shocking 

days after this first meeting.

I guess that the first shock will not be a shock

to the press nor to Trump’s brownshirted minions.

The first shock will be a statement by Kim

that, since he did the first step of

destroying the nuclear installations,

Trump should do the next act.

Kim will add that there are so many promises

that Trump has broken.

Kim will need proof first of Trump’s good intentions.

Kim does not need American dole outs,

only allow China to trade with North Korea.

Kim will not say that China is already sending some

trade goods in thru the Yalu River in a trickle.

Kim will also want the Americans to pull out

a division or more of troops out of South Korea

for a start. 

America has to do the move first before more talks

will ensue.

If Trump calls off the talks and walks away,

so be it.

Kim wins already because it will mean that Trump

as always breaks away from deals and negotiations,

and it will be up to Kim and Moon 

to complete the peace treaty.

 Trump thereafter goes back home

failing in both the G7 and the NK-US Summits.

I can feel now that Trump is more scared

than his brown shirted minions.

He’s stuck!

If the Democrats win the next election.

he gets impeached.

(my red line is still Canada, touch it and you get it. Get it?)