Dacer-Corbito murder case

Senator Ping Lacson


The Senator surfaces after the air is cleared of any pending cases against him that would get him to sleep in jail.

I  am not saying that he is not guilty of the Dacer-Corbito murder case. But there has been no evidence to prove otherwise.

What they have against him is sourced from one witness whose statements were refuted by another witness..

All those who may file cases against him may be merely seeking the pecuniary benefits that such endeavors may produce.


Lawyer’s Mistake

The Mancao testimony in the court was barred from the press.

His lawyer, however, made false remarks to the press regarding the masterminds of a murder, which were subsequently printed all over the papers. It appears that Mancao never said that Senator Lacson and then President Estrada ordered the killing of Dacer and his driver, Corbito.

This was a mistake because Mancao never made such a statement. The lawyer, Topacio, can be disbarred for this. Senator Lacson will now file charges against him.