Curtains Fall On Al-Baghdadi

The Americans reported with much fanfare

the raid on the alleged Caliph of Baghdad.

This virtually ended the script for the much feared

yet invisible Isis leader, who gave the Americans

the excuse to break the sovereignty of Syria.

Never fret, said they, there are actors galore to replace

Baghdadi coming from a pool in Guantanamo Prison.

Their problem is—they have ran out of settings to place

the next Isis leader.

The script is ready, however, and this is because the

role for the next actor has already been standardized.

Their deaths will not be available in streaming video, though,

because the Director almost always manages to lose the copy.

But it would have been presentable should the name of the actor

be Al-Ladin,  or The Thief of Bagdad,

or  the Magic Explosive Carpet,

or even Al-Pacino.

Ah, but what the hey,

the target for the raid was actually well inside

the Russo-Turkish Safe Zone.

The Russians could have captured the guy

only to discover that he is

Tony Curtis wearing a humongous turban,

(Gad, what a mess!)