Cliven Bundy

Cliven Bundy, Nevada

Now in trouble twice-over, first with what he did and then with what he said.


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Mr. Bundy speaks in the colloquialism of the region, even using comparisons which are thrown out of context and treated with literal connotations by those who are not accustomed to his lingo. He mentioned “negro” , not nigger, negro, but the word seem to have the bad connotation in some regions of America.

Now, faced with an interview with an articulate host, the son of a governor, and well-educated, Mr. Bundy tries to explain himself and his mode of communication to the viewers, even apologizing for his choice of words. He has not done well in this purpose, having difficulty with his vocabulary. The problem in this case is communication. People should have explained further why he is being taxed by the federal and not by the state. Throwing the book at him would be useless because he is actually not the bookish type.

But what struck me was something he said and which everybody should take notice. He said that America should have been matured enough after Martin Luther King in such a manner that the words “negro” and “slave” would never have to mean anything degrading anymore.

At that point, to me he is not that lowly, after all.



Cliven Bundy

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This cattle rancher suddenly found out that he has to pay the US government taxes for having his cattle graze where  they did for some years before.

Such a defiance against the federal government caught the sympathy of s lot of people, particularly when huis cattle were shot and chased around to the death.

Men like Cliven Bundy appeals to the romance of the West which tend to praise Biilly The Kid as a hero.

But it does look like Goliath trampling David to the dust. I mean, who wants to pay taxes for having cattle eat grass.